Get Quality, On-Time Content for Your Blog or Business

Are you looking for ways to attract more customers? Do you want your webpage to show up on search results? Do you have other things on your plate, and simply don’t have time to consistently develop new and informative content for your target audience? Hiring a freelance writer can give you more time to dedicate to things like marketing, product development, or other urgent needs of your business.

Milwaukee Freelance Writer and Blogger

My name is Megan Machucho, and I am a freelance writer available for hire for blogging and copywriting projects. I am located in Milwaukee. I have an interest in working with local businesses, but I would be happy to talk about how I can help other companies as well. As a freelance writer I can help you inform your audience, drive more customers to your business, and help your site rank higher on search engines.

I have experience writing blog posts, SEO articles, product reviews, buying guides, and other marketing content. I have training and experience in writing titles, meta descriptions, and content that is both well written and value adding, and implements best SEO practices. My experience includes a broad range of topics including finance, health and wellness, and technology. My work has appeared in online publications such as Balcony Garden Web, Red Tricycle, and Lifehack.org.

I would love to chat and see how we can work together. I’m available both for one-time projects, guest posts, and for longer term contract work. I am flexible and willing to put in the extra time to work with you and your specific needs to make sure you are getting the most out of the project.

If you would like a quote or to run a project by me, please contact me at megan.gymrek@gmail.com or fill out the contact form.

Megan Machucho | Freelance Writer Milwaukee